Giro Donne Stage 1: Roma to Velletri

3 Jul

The Statistics

Start time: 1:00pm

Distance: 81km

Start Location: Rome, Italy

End Location: Velletri, Italy

Race Time: 2hours 15minutes

Average Speed: 37kph

Elevation Gained: 2300feet

The Race

There was a lot of nervous energy going on in the peloton.  Everyone was excited to get the tour under way.  Unfortunately, there were a lot of crashes throughout the stage.  Fortunately, all of us at HTC-Highroad stayed upright.  The race was pretty mellow as we gradually climbed towards the first GPM.  It was false flat uphill for a long time, with a 5ish km climb to the GPM line.  After the climb, we descended gradually for a while.  There were a few short kickers throughout the rest of the course.  Charlotte attacked and got a slight gap for a of couple minutes.  Afterwards, it was game on.  Emilia, Ellen, and Ally participated in the game of attacking, which kept the pace high.  We did four finishing circuits, with each lap being a little over 7km long.  Emilia attacked on one of the laps and had a gap with two other girls for a while.  At the end of the day though, it came down to a field sprint…well sort of.  The finish was off the circuit.  It went up a 1km (or so) climb, with most of it being pave (small cobbles).  The climb wasn’t all that steep, maybe 4%.  Ina finished 2nd to Marianne Vos, who apparently owned the sprint.  Judith was not far behind and finished in 5th.  The rest of us finished with the bunch.  For those of you who care (Trent, Mom, Dad, aunts and uncles 😉 ), I was 32nd.  And there you have it.  Marianne Vos will start tomorrow with the pink jersey.  There’s a lot more racing ahead of us.  Tomorrow is a big stage.  Will keep you updated as much as possible.  It’s going to be hard though, because Italy doesn’t seem to be a huge fan of internet (and especially not free internet).  Ciao!!


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