Giro Donne Stage 2: Pescocostanzo

3 Jul

The Statistics

Start time: 12:00pm

Distance: 91km

Start Location: Pescocostanzo, Italy

End Location: Pescocostanzo, Italy

Race Time: 2hours 40minutes

Average Speed: 27kph

Elevation Gained: 5100feet

The Race

The race started with a “hot lap” through town on some cobbles.  The weather was gloomy.  After about 15km, we started the descent.  It was long, and sketchy.  We descended into the clouds, which became fog, which made the roads slippery.  There were some tunnels and hairpin turns.  Throw in some more nervous energy, and you have another recipe for disaster. Lots of crashing went on today.  One crash took down teammate, Evelyn Stevens.  She’s fine, and was motor paced back up to the lead group by our awesome teammates (Ally, Ellen, Charlotte, and Emilia).  After the descent was a long climb, around 15km to be exact.  A break went up the road.  It didn’t seem as if it was going to stick, as the gap started to come down pretty fast.  Soon enough Ina bridged to the break.  The peloton was content to let the break go, and it eventually put close to 5 minutes on us.  After the GPM, there was a long descent.  It was a bit more technical than the first one, as the roads were narrower and it was steeper.  Towards the end of the descent, I hit a huge rock which caused me to have a rear flat.  I was at the very front of the peloton when this happened, so I was able to drop back to the end of the long line of riders and get a quick neutral wheel change.  Fortunately, I had teammates to help me get back to the group (thanks Emilia, Ally, and Charlotte!).  I entered the next climb redlined.  Luckily I had 8km’s of climbing to recover…ha!  I eventually settled into a rhythm and found my place in the group.  The situation was still the same when I got back to the peloton.  A couple of the girls from the break had gotten dropped, and we picked them up.  We climbed back into the clouds, and got rained on some.  Then there was another short downhill before climbing 3km to the finish.  Vos attacked at the start of the climb, stringing things out.  I almost got dropped, but fortunately she let up.  Evie and Judith were with me in the lead group.  Things mellowed out for a little bit.  Then Vos attacked again.  Judith and Evie stuck with her, as I settled in to survival mode up the last 1.5km of the race.  It was the longest 1.5km EVER!  I crossed the line 30 seconds or so behind Vos.  Ina fell off the pace of the climbers in her group and finished 7th.  Judith was 11th, just behind Vos.  Tomorrow is a hilly point to point race, starting here in Potenza Picena.  Thanks for reading!


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  1. john July 4, 2011 at 1:00 am #

    Thanks for post -hard to get info on GD!

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