Giro Donne Stage 3: Potenza Picena – Fermo

4 Jul

The Statistics

Start time: 12:00pm

Distance: 104km

Start Location: Potenza PIcena, Italy

End Location: Fermo, Italy

Race Time: 3hours 5minutes

Average Speed: 33kph

Elevation Gained: 5300feet

The Race

We started at 11:45am with a neutral roll out following a local junior boys team.  The race stopped again at “KM 0”.  A few minutes later, and we were off.  The race started on a long fast descent.  If you weren’t at the front, well…you were SOL.  A split happened in the peloton, without about 30 riders getting a slight advantage.  A majority (if not all) of the G.C. riders missed the split.  Their teams chased back on.  The second group caught the first group on the first uphill.  The first part of the race was hard.  There were lots of attacks happening.  The climbs were relatively short (no more than 4km) and gradual (6% or so).  Eventually a group of about 30 riders had an advantage over the rest of the field.  Judith, Evie and I made it in the front group.  My job was to cover dangerous attacks and try to get in a break, while Judith and Evie stayed safe and conserved.  I covered some attacks and made it in some breaks, but nothing stuck.  Vos chased many of those breaks down.  Things settled down in the middle of the race.  The second group caught us.  There wasn’t much excitement until about 70km into the race.  I attacked on a short kicker leading into one of the “walls”.  I had an advantage, but it didn’t last long.  Vos blew by me with one of her killer attacks.  With her were Emma Pooley and Judith.  At the top, Pooley and Vos had an advantage.  I was completely blown and settled into a group behind the leaders.  Evie made the lead split, and helped chase Vos and Pooley.  Unfortunately, they weren’t able to pull the two back.  The rest of the course was just brutal.  I cannot believe some of the roads we climbed up.  Soooo steep!  One of the “walls” we went up, I seriously thought I was going to have to get off my bike and walk.  It may have been quicker.  Some of the cars in the caravan were stalling and squealing their tires as they went up it.  At the end of the day, Judith was 3rd.  She finished 2:50 back from the leaders.  There’s still a lot of racing left to do (7 days to be exact).  Today was a hard stage, but there are even harder ones to come.  Looking forward to helping the team out and gaining back some time!  Tomorrow’s stage is short, only 68km.  Don’t let this fool you though, as I’m sure it will be fast and furious.  More to come later!


One Response to “Giro Donne Stage 3: Potenza Picena – Fermo”

  1. Marc Walter July 5, 2011 at 12:05 am #

    Thanks for posting. Sounds brutal.

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