Giro Donne Stage 5: Altedo – Verona

5 Jul

The Statistics

Start time: 12:00pm

Distance: 137km

Start Location: Altedo Bo, Italy

End Location: Verona, Italy

Race Time: 3hours 5minutes

Average Speed: 43.5kph

Elevation Gained: 340feet

The Race

Today was predicted to be another sprint stage.  The profile was actually pretty spot on with the elevation change.  We did not climb a mountain at the start, thankfully.  It started raining as we neared the start town.  Great.  Fortunately, it stopped about 20minutes before the start.  The roads were still wet, but it was nice not having to race in a down pour.  The race bible had conflicting distances for today’s stage.  One page said 126km, another 124km.  We started with a 3km neutral.  From there, things rolled out pretty smoothly.  The race was mellow until about 15km.  Attacks started to fly.  We did the first 45km in an hour.  There was a lull while teams fed around 60km.  We were being aggressive in the race with attacks, and also trying to be in moves.  Ina attacked and a relatively large group (13 or so riders) went up the road.  The combination of riders put some teams under pressure.  HiTech, Nederland Bloeit, and Lotto all put in an effort to chase the group down.  We caught the group around 30km to go.  More attacks happened.  We passed the 25km to go sign.  I looked at my SRM and we were already 112km into the race.  Hmm…  Finally, another break went with Emilia in it.  The signs were all correct, as we passed 15km, 10km, 5km to go.  The break was swallowed up with less than 2km to go.  Nicole Cooke escaped the break and went solo for the remaining distance to pull off the win by four seconds.  The last 300 meters were on cobbles with some uneven sections of the road.  A crash happened on the right hand side of the road.  I was far enough back and saw it happened, so I was able to reduce my speed and avoid it.  All of us HTC riders stayed upright.  From what I’ve heard, it was a pretty gnarly crash.  In the end, Vos won the field sprint for 2nd, with Ina coming in 3rd.  The actual race distance was 137km.  Not sure how they could have been 11km off for the total distance, but it is Italy.  Like I said in my previous post, we are learning that we can’t trust the bible.  Tomorrow is another “sprint stage,” or at least that’s the rumor.  We will see though at the end of the day.

Also, today’s stage ended in Verona, Italy, which is were the play Romeo and Juliet was based.  It’s a very neat town.  Too bad we didn’t have time to go exploring!

Check back for more later!


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