Giro Donne Stage 6: Fontanellato – Piacenza

6 Jul

The Statistics

Start time: 12:00pm

Distance: 128km

Start Location: Fontanellato, Italy

End Location: Piacenza, Italy

Race Time: 3hours 15minutes

Average Speed: 39kph

Altitude Gained: 810feet

The Race

At the start of the stage, we were told the distance would be 134km.  Turns out they were wrong, again.  This time it was in our favor.  The profile looked as if it would be another sprint stage.  The race was a lot less aggressive than the past two days.  A few attacks happened early on, but nothing stuck.  Eventually one girl got away solo.  A little later, two riders bridged.  The group was not a threat to the G.C. riders, so most teams were content with letting it go for a bit.  Near 60km into the race, we were stopped for a train.  The break made it through without stopping.  Fortunately, the officials stopped the break further up the road.  We were stopped again, only this time just 50meters shy of the break.  Once the race was restarted, the break was allowed to gain back it’s 2minutes before the peloton was released.  Colavita went to the front and chased for quite a while.  The gap came down to close to a minute.  Then there was a lull in the field, and the break quickly gained back time.  It went up to over 2 minutes again.  At this point, Ally and I went to the front and started bringing down the gap.  It was 100km into the race, so we needed to start working to bring the break back.  Diadora helped us for a while.  With 15km to go, Charlotte attacked to try and bridge the gap.  The gap had shrunk to almost 30 seconds.  It took the field a couple of seconds to realize what was happening, as Charlotte attacked at the front.  The break was swarmed up around 10km to go.  Teams took turns keep things fast.  The finish was technical, with several turns leading into the finish.  Vos came out of the last turn first and held on for the win.  Bronzini was on her wheel, with Ina right behind for 3rd.  And so there you have it.  The 6th stage here at the Giro Donne, and the last flat stage.  The next three days will be hard.  Lots of climbing!

After the stage, we found out that a fellow cyclist, Carly Hibberd, had been hit and killed by a car while training near Como, Italy.  She was 26 years old and from Australia.  My thoughts go out to her friends and family.  It’s so sad to see yet another young talent be taken so soon.  Be safe out there!!


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