Giro Donne Stage 7: Rovato – Grosotto

9 Jul

The Statistics

Start time: 12:00pm

Distance: 129km

Start Location: Rovato, Italy

End Location: Grosotto, Italy

Race Time: 3hours 50minutes

Average Speed: 33.5kph

Altitude Gained: 5950feet

The Race

Today, we climbed.  We climbed up the Mortirolo, which is a famous climb the men’s Giro races over.  The race organizers were nice and let us go up the “easier” side.  We descended the steep side, and I’m very thankful we didn’t have to ride up it!  The race started off fast and furious.  We were being aggressive and trying to get a break to go early.  Around 15km into the race, Ina attacked and got a gap with a group of 12(ish) riders.  And there it went.  The break put over 6minutes on the field at one point.  Nederland Bloeit finally went to the front and organized a chase.  There was a crash that held up a majority of the field.  Judith was caught behind it, so Emilia and I paced her back to the lead group.  Before this crash, Evie had gone down in a round-a-bout.  Ellen, Ally, and Charlotte stopped with her and tried to bring her back to the main group.  Unfortunately, she was too far behind and couldn’t make contact before we hit the climb.  She is ok, though.  Has some road rash and had to get some stitches in her chin.  Once we hit the climb, the group started to get smaller.  Mara Abbot was setting a decent tempo on the front, and only a select few could hold her pace.  I stuck with the group for a while, but couldn’t hold the pace and finally let go.  Judith was still in the group and stayed with them the rest of the climb.  Ina’s group got caught 1km from the top of the climb.  Vos and Pooley had a slight advantage coming over the climb.  From the sounds of it, Vos attacked the downhill.  She put nearly two minutes on everyone behind her, and soloed to the win.  Judith came in 4th, and sits in 4th overall in G.C.  Two more climbing days left!


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