Giro Donne Stage 8: Teglio – Valdidentro

9 Jul

The Statistics

Start time: 12:00pm

Distance: 70km

Start Location: Teglio, Italy

End Location: Valdidentro, Italy

Race Time: 2hours 30minutes

Average Speed: 28kph

Altitude Gained: 6550feet

The Race

The first 7km of the race was all downhill.  Thankfully, the race organizers decided to neutralize this section, as it was technical and fast.  After a short pause at “KM 0,” we were off.  The race started off hard, and never quit.  We climbed from the beginning (well after the neutral downhill).  After a short downhill, there was a split in the group.  Judith was in the 2nd group with Emilia, Ina, and I.  We drilled it to catch the leaders.  Once we caught them, I attacked.  No one went with me, so I let up.  The pace got hard again, and I came off the lead group along with several others.  Ina, Evie, and Judith were still in the lead group.  Eventually, we got organized in our group and caught the leaders.  After a bit of recovery, things lit up yet again.  Remember, today’s stage was all uphill.  At around 25km into the race, Ruth Corset attacked and had a small gap.  I bridged up to her, and we got a gap.  I worked with her initially and we established a good gap.  The time gaps hovered around 1minute 30seconds.  Once the gap was big enough, team cars were allowed to come up.  This is when I received word to sit on.  I knew it was coming.  Ruth was high in the G.C. and close in time with Judith.  We are riding for Judith, so it didn’t make sense for me to drill the break.  That being said, it was hard enough sitting on Ruth’s wheel.  She’s a climbing machine.  The kilometers ticked away, slowly.  On the mid-race GPM, Ruth set a brutal pace up the short, steep section of the climb.  I came off her wheel, but was able to catch back on on the short descent.  We started the final consistent climb, which was about 15km.  I held onto Ruth’s wheel as long as I could, but I wasn’t able to last much longer.  She slowly pulled away from me.  At that point, there was a time gap of 26seconds to riders behind us.  It was Vos and Pooley.  They came by me.  I tried to stay on their wheels for a bit, but couldn’t hold the pace.  I caught them again on the short downhill section and stuck with them for a minute or two on the climb.  Then Pooley accelerated and left me in the dust, Vos on her wheel.  From there, I sat up.  I figured Judith was coming in the next group, and needed to be as fresh as possible to help her out.  They caught me with around 6km to go.  I set pace for Judith for the next couple of km’s before getting dropped when Mara accelerated on the climb.  Judith went with her, along with Guderzo.  In the final, Judith dropped her group and finished 4th, moving up into 3rd place G.C.  I came in 16th around 6 minutes back from Vos and Pooley.  Pooley won the stage and Vos holds onto her lead.  After the stage, I was the lucky one from the team who had to go to doping control.  Good thing I had to pee when I finished the race.  Once I was finished, we hit the road for our five hour transfer.  Ouch.  Now I’m at the hotel, waiting for massage, and so ready for bed.  Two more days left!!  Thanks for stopping by!


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