Thüringen Rundfahrt Frauen: Stage 1, travel day

17 Jul

It’s time for another stage race! I left Limoux yesterday (Saturday) afternoon. It was a bummer, as the Tour started there today. Oh well, maybe another year 🙂 I had a great week in Limoux though! Took the train from Limoux to Carcassonne, then on to Toulouse. From the train station, I took the shuttle to the airport. My hotel was 1.5km from the airport, so I walked. Had a nice relaxing evening in Blagnac, with dinner at a Japanese restaurant. I ate some beef curry, which was pretty good! When racing in Europe, you don’t get food with much flavor. So it was nice to mix things up a bit before this next week of racing starts. This morning (Sunday) I woke up at 5:00am for my 7:15am flight. I walked to the airport, in the rain. What a way to start the day. Could have taken a taxi, but I was told it was going to cost 15-20 euro. Not worth it! Arrived at the airport with plenty of time. All was going good, until we got on the plane. We stayed at the gate forever, and didn’t leave until 8:15am. My next flight departed at 10:15 from Frankfurt to Berlin. I made it to the flight, but my bag didn’t. From Berlin, we drove 2.5hours to Altenburg where we will be staying. The lady at the baggage service said my bag would be delivered tonight or tomorrow morning. Hmmmph. So much for clean clothes and PJ’s!

Tomorrow we start another 7-day stage race here in Germany. The race begins with a 3.4km team time trial. Nothing better to open the legs up with 🙂

I’ll post updates as I can. Internet is so-so here in our hotel, but then again, not all the teams have arrived. I’m sure it will be bogged down by dinner time!

Thanks for checking in!


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