Internationale Thurigen Rundfahrt der Frauen: Prologue

19 Jul

My bag arrived!!  The front desk called at 6:00am to let me know it was here.  Yes, it was a tad too early, but I was glad it made it.  Another stage race started today.  This morning we went for a spin to open the legs.  Things got under way this evening with a 3.4km team time trial prologue.  Our start time was 7:23pm.  We were the 2nd to last team to start.  When we got to the venue, it was pouring.  The sun came out shortly after our arrival, and things dried up just in time for us to do some “hot laps.”

The Course:

The course was pretty technical.  The start was straight, and flat.  We went around a sweeping left hand turn, to more straight forward road.  Then we made a right hand turn.  After another section of straight, flat road, the course bent slightly to the left into the hill.  This hill seemed to go on forever!  In all reality, it was maybe 500 meters.  It was a pretty significant climb though.  We descended into a sharp, bumpy left hand turn.  It was fast through here as we entered another lap.  At the end of the second lap, we made a sharp right back to the start/finish.  After pre-riding it a gazillion times, we had a debriefing.  We considered switching to road bikes, as other teams were.  However, we opted out and rode the TT bikes.

The Race:

Ina started things off for us.  Once we were all on the train, it was full gas.  Everyone took their respective pulls.  We focused on being smooth in the corners and on the hill.  At the end, we finished with four riders together.  Ina crossed the line first, Judith 2nd, me 3rd, Amber 4th.  It was a hard effort, but we all rode it to perfection.  Our efforts got us a 1st place with a time of 4 minutes 36 seconds, averaging 44.5kph.  Ouch!  It was definitely a good “blow the legs out” race after a week of relaxing and recovering from the Giro.

There’s more fast and furious race on tap this week.  Tomorrow is a 119km hilly road race.  Updates to come!


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