Internationale Thurigen Rundfahrt der Frauen: Stage 2

23 Jul


Start time: 1:45pm

Distance: 105km

Start Location: Greiz, Germany

End Location: Greiz, Germany

Race Time: 2hours 55minutes

Average Speed: 35kph

Altitude Gained: 3725feet

The Course:

We started climbing from the start.  Fortunately, it was neutral.  It was raining off and on all day.  The descents were scary, but the entire peloton seemed to take it pretty easy to avoid crashes.  Today’s course had longer and steeper hills than yesterday.

The Race:

Things started off pretty mellow again for the first few kilometers.  We all suffered, as the terrain at the beginning was pretty challenging.  At sixteen kilometers in, there was a GPM.  Emma Pooley attacked, taking Ruth Corset and a few others with her.  I followed.  There was a pretty big group (15 or so riders), but no organization.  We were caught eventually.  Not much happened after this for a while.  The peloton lined out due to the nature of the course.  It went from a technical descent to a steep uphill then to some false flat, and repeat.  On one of the uphills, a group got away.  It included Amber Neben along with several other G.C. riders.  Judith bridged to the break, making it a group of 13 riders total.  Once they got organized, the time started to go up.  The Russian national team spent a lot of time at the front trying to bring it back.  The gap hovered around 2minutes 30seconds for a long time.  Then it went up to over five minutes.  Some tactical games were being played, which caused Judith and three others to fall off the lead group.  We eventually caught them.  From this point, it was clear the group wasn’t coming back.  We rolled into the finish.  Amber finished 7th in the sprint and moved up to 2nd in G.C, seven seconds off first.  Emma Johansson took the stage win and will wear the yellow jersey.  The peloton finished 5minutes 52seconds back.  It was a hard race.  We rode well as a team.  There are definitely things that didn’t go as planned for us today, but that’s part of bike racing.  You can’t predict each race.  You can go over several scenarios in the pre-race meeting, but you have to be able to go with the moment.  At the end of the day, we are in an excellent position.  Bring on the next four days!


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