Internationale Thurigen Rundfahrt der Frauen: Stage 4

23 Jul


Start time: 3:00pm

Distance: 100km

Start Location: Zeulenroda, Germany

End Location: Zeulenroda, Germany

Race Time: 2hours 45minutes

Average Speed: 35kph

Altitude Gained: 3700feet

The Course:

Today’s course included some of the same roads that we raced on stage 2.  One noteable climb was the Hankaberg.  This climb is named after local racer, Hanka Kupfernagel.  We did a big loop (66km), and then a small loop (33km).  The race went over the Hankaberg twice.  There were many other hard climbs.  The wind today was pretty brutal.  It made for some challenging race conditions.

The Race:

Today was similar to the past 3 stages.  Lots of attacks happened in the first 50km.  We were very aggressive, but unfortunately nothing stuck.  The first time over the Hankaberg, a group of 18riders got away.  In it included Judith Ardnt and Amber Neben. This was good for us.  The other G.C. contenders made the split as well.  I was hoping to be there to help Judith and Amber out, but I got shuffled back in the peloton on the descent before the climb and spent the climb chasing.  Needless to say, I missed the group.  The rest of us rode in the “groupetto” the rest of the race.  Emma Pooley attacked the lead group on the last lap and won solo.  Judith attacked to bridge to her and finished 2nd, solo.  Emma Johansson won the sprint for 3rd, gaining 4 seconds on Amber, who finished safely in the lead group.  The leaders put 7minutes into the peloton.  Very impressive, considering I thought we were going hard in the group.   The time trial is up next!


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