Internationale Thuringen Rundfahrt der Frauen: Stage 5

25 Jul


Start time: 3:59pm

Distance: 19km

Start Location: Schmölln, Germany

End Location: Schmölln, Germany

Race Time: 28minutes 53seconds

Average Speed: 39kph

Altitude Gained: 630feet

The Course:

Today’s race was an individual time trial.  The course was pretty technical, and hard.  It started off on a cobbled street.  A few hundred meters later, was the first climb.  From there, it was open winding roads in the wind.  The next technical section was a descent, which led into a cobbled climb (the sides were smooth).  Next it went to more open windy sections.  There were some narrow roads through a village before hitting the final climb which was 4km from the finish.  After the steep climb, the course descended back to the start/finish.  It was a very fast descent (I hit 75kph).  A few sharp turns and you were back on the cobbles through the start/finish.

The Race:

My race was pretty straight forward.  I tried to go as hard as I could.  The legs are feeling a bit tired.  Wonder why?  I kept a steady rhythm, and caught two riders.  I finished 18th.  Judith put in an awesome time of 27:13 and won the TT.  Ina was 3rd with a time of 27:32 and Amber 4th with 27:42.  This moved Amber up into the yellow jersey by 3 seconds.  Tomorrow’s race is going to be hard and exciting!


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