Internationale Thuringen Rundfahrt der Frauen: Stage 6

25 Jul


Start time: 11:00am

Distance: 100km

Start Location: Altenburg, Germany

End Location: Altenburg, Germany

Race Time: 2hours 30minutes

Average Speed: 39kph

Altitude Gained: 2710feet

The Course:

The course was four laps of a 25km circuit.  The start/finish was cobbled.  From here, we headed out to the GPM.  There were some short climbs afterwards, and some fast descents.  The wind was the big factor in today’s race.  The last 500 meters were cobbled, and very technical.

The Race:

We were on a mission today, and that was to defend the yellow jersey.  It was going to be a hard task, as Emma Johannson (HiTec) was 3 seconds behind Amber.  There was a total of 19 seconds on the line to be gained from time bonuses (intermediate and finish).  Emma is regularly in the final sprints, sprinting against the best (Ina, Vos, Bronzini, etc.).  From the start, we were aggressive.  Adrie, Judith, and I took turns attacking.  Unfortunately, nothing was sticking.  Different groups would go, but HiTec was doing a good job of keeping things together.  Ina won the first time bonus sprint with Emma coming in 2nd.  Chloe was 3rd.  We continued to attack on the second lap.  I got off the front solo for 15km, but didn’t really go anywhere.  The gap hovered around 15 seconds.  I was caught before the next sprint.  Ina won the sprint again, and Emma was 2nd.  This put her one second ahead of Amber and in the virtual yellow jersey.  After the second sprint, a group of 6(ish) riders went up the road.  They got a gap that stayed around 45seconds.  HiTec organized at the front to start the chase.  The break stayed away through the 3rd time bonus.  On the last lap, going up the GPM climb, we guttered the field.  Ina and Judith took massive pulls at the front, shattering the peloton.  Amber, Judith, and Ina made the split.  It eventually came back together.  We caught the break.  Judith attacked and formed a break, which ended up being the winning move.  Judith sprinted against Lizzie Armistead for 2nd place.  Amber finished 2nd on G.C.  We gave it our all today.  It was a fair battle, and Emma Johansson deserved the win.  She was the strongest and had a great team around her.  Now for a little recovery time, before heading back to Germany this weekend for a one day race.  Thanks for reading!


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