Tour Cycliste Féminin International de l’Ardèche: Prologue

7 Sep

First things first.  Sorry for neglecting my blog this past month.  Between family visitors and relaxing some, I didn’t have much time or energy to update.  So, I’m back.  At least for now!  I’ll try to post a recap of things since Thuringen when I get the chance.

I’ll start with my own personal prologue before the prologue.

After a month of almost no racing, it was time to get back at it.  I traveled from Limoux to Montelimar by train earlier this morning.  Fortunately, everything went smoothly after we got the car to start.  My friend, Lauren, generously gave me a ride to the train station in Carcassonne.  Our original plans changed the night before.  We scrambled to come up with a solution, but finally found a car Lauren could drive.  She showed up on time to pick me up at 5:45am.  And then the car wouldn’t start.  A quick call to the owner, and we were on our way.  Ronny and the team were at the train station to pick me up.  Onto Aubenas we went.  We arrived at our hotel with plenty of time to unwind before the evening stage.


Distance: 2.4km

Time: 3minutes 15seconds

The first rider was off at 6:00pm.  We pre-rode the course several times.  It was short, only 2.4km.  It started off on a short uphill.  From there, it gradually descended.  The road was really rough.  A few hundred meters later, we turned right in a round-a-bout.  This was the most technical part of the course.  On the next false flat downhill section of road, the course was using ½ a lane, while traffic was going both directions in the other 1 ½ lanes.  It was very deceiving.  Next we entered another round-a-bout and turned right.  This wasn’t as technical.  From there, the course gradually went up hill to the finish line.

My goal was to go fast.  But I’m sure that was everyone’s.  I got in a good warm up and the legs felt good.  I felt relatively comfortable with the course.  Everything went pretty well.  I think I scared myself in the first round-a-bout and went too slow.  But that’s ok.  Hindsight is always 20/20.  I finished with a time of 3minutes 15seconds, which put me in 9th place.  Emilia had an awesome ride and won with a time of 3minutes 9seconds.  Amber finished 7th and Evie 19th.  Ally had an extremely epic travel day, arriving less than an hour before her start time.  However, she pulled off a very respectable time considering her day.  Tomorrow is the first road stage.  It’s relatively “flat”, and should end up in a sprint.  Thanks for stopping by!


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