Tour Cycliste Féminin International de l’Ardèche: Stage 2

11 Sep


Distance: 3.5km

Time: 5minutes 25seconds


Today was the double day here in the tour.  The morning started off way too early.  We were up and eating breakfast at 6:00am.  Ouch.  Fortunately, Ronny booked us a hotel only 8km from the time trial.  The first rider was off at 8:30am.  My start time was 9:46am.  We got to the course and pre-rode it several times.  It was very technical.  The total distance was 3.5km.  It started with a 1.5km climb that got pretty steep in sections.  From there, you made a left hand turn down a really fast and technical descent.  Perfect time to get some recovery, even though it was only maybe 5 seconds.  At the bottom of this descent, there was a sharp left hand turn.  The rest of the course was gradually downhill with lots of sweeping turns.  After another left hand turn, the course started to drag uphill to the finish.  When I first pre-rode the course, I thought I would use a road bike for sure.  A road bike would climb faster and on the descent you can get more control of the bike.  In the end, we all used time trial bikes with disc wheels.  It turned out to be the better choice.  The downhill/flattish sections of the course were a lot faster on a time trial bike.  At the end of the day, my teammate Emilia Fahlin completely crushed the course.  From the sounds of it, she flew down the hill posting a time of 5minutes 13seconds.  She beat 2nd place by 6 seconds.  I came in 6th with a time of 5minutes 25seconds.


2 Responses to “Tour Cycliste Féminin International de l’Ardèche: Stage 2”

  1. Boom September 11, 2011 at 1:59 pm #

    Who chooses what bike you ride? Is it you or your coach?

    • arae.miller September 13, 2011 at 12:16 pm #

      It’s typically our decision, although there is input. We discuss it amongst ourselves (riders), the director, and the mechanic.

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