Tour Cycliste Féminin International de l’Ardèche: Stage 5

13 Sep


Distance: 125km

Time: 3hours 40minutes

Speed: 33kph

Today’s game plan was just like every other day.  We wanted a stage win.  The course didn’t have as much climbing as yesterday, but we could see from the profile that it was going to be just as hard, if not harder.  The first 40km of the race were extremely tough.  It was constant up and down.  On top of all that, it was extremely warm.  We had a tail wind for most of the climbs, so sitting in the pack got a bit toasty!  Amber, Ally, Evie, and Emilia all took turns attacking.  I was supposed to sit in a conserve for the finish and try to gain seconds on the two places ahead of me.  Eventually Emilia got in a break with four others.  Pia Sundstedt attacked and put a minute into Emilia’s group.  Emilia attacked her break-a-way companions shortly after and bridged to Pia.  The two of them worked together and put a significant amount of time on the peloton.  Back in the bunch, Garmin organized a chase.  We caught the remainder of the break-a-way, but Emilia and Pia were nowhere in sight.  In the finish, Emilia sprinted for the win!!  I sprinted in the group behind for 3rd place, but Christel Ferrier-Bruneau got me at the line.  At the end of the day, I finished 4th and retained my 4th place on G.C. and 1st in the young rider competition.  The entire team did amazing again today.  We were very aggressive early on.  While in the bunch, Amber, Ally, and Evie did an awesome job looking after me.  I focused on following the top three G.C. contenders, making sure they didn’t go up the road without me.  I have been learning a lot these past couple of days.  I’m focusing more on conserving, hydrating, and eating on and off the bike.  Today I think I drank 7 or 8 bottles!  That’s nearly 2 bottles an hour, which for me, is a huge improvement.  One more day!


One Response to “Tour Cycliste Féminin International de l’Ardèche: Stage 5”

  1. ant1 September 13, 2011 at 12:43 pm #

    well done.

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