Premondiale Giro Toscana Int. Femminile – Memorial Michela Fanini: Stage 1

15 Sep


Distance: 5.4km

Time: 6minutes 27seconds

After two days rest (one for those coming from Holland), we entered another stage race.  This time, in the beautiful Tuscany region of Italy.  Today we did a team time trial.  The course was pancake flat and 5.4km in length.  It included two very long straight sections and two very short end sections with two turns each.  We did two laps of this course.  Our squad included Judith Ardnt, Ina Tuetenburg, Charlotte Becker, Chloe Hosking, Katie Colclough, Ally Stacker, and myself.  We were the third from last team to start, putting our start time around 6:30pm.  After a good warm up, it was go time.  Ina started things off and took a very hard pull.  So hard, that I had trouble holding her wheel.  Next it was my turn.  I took as hard of a pull as I could.  Judith came around me when my speed started to drop.  From there, it was about survival.  I filled in spots as I could.  My teammates were motors and I had some serious trouble trying to hold their wheels.  In the end, we finished with six of our seven riders with a time of 6minutes 27seconds.  Second place was thirteen seconds behind us.  It was a nice start to the tour!  Judith will start tomorrow’s stage in the pink jersey.


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