Premondiale Giro Toscana Int. Femminile – Memorial Michela Fanini: Stage 4

16 Sep


Distance: 67km

Time: 1hour 35minutes

Speed: 42kph

Today is a double day.  We woke up way too early, making it for a very long day!  Start time was 10:00am, which meant eating breakfast by 7:30am and leaving by 8:00am.  The first stage was short and flat.  We did five laps before heading to the finishing town 20km away.  The lap consisted of a small hill and really crappy roads.  I had a rear flat on one of the laps.  Fortunately, the bunch wasn’t going full gas at this point and I was able to catch back on easy.  Several riders tried to go in breaks today, but nothing stuck.  This made the pace pretty high for the entire race.  Again, our goal was to win.  Judith put in a massive pull 5km out from the finish.  Ina took the win in impressive style.  My job for the day was to stay in a good position in case anything dangerous went.  Otherwise, I was supposed to try and recover for the next couple of stages.  Mission accomplished.  We started with two less riders today.  Katie and Chloe both pulled out to begin the rest and final preparation for World Championships.  This will be  happening more in the next couple of days as the World’s time trial is on Tuesday of next week and the road race is on Saturday.  It’s a bummer that the two are so close this year!  All right, next up is a 2.2km time trial…at night.  Should be fun…


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