Premondiale Giro Toscana Int. Femminile – Memorial Michela Fanini: Stage 5

19 Sep


Distance: 2.2km

Time: 3minutes 9seconds

The second stage of the day was a late start.  My start time was 9:32pm.  That’s almost 12 hours between starts of races in one day.  The course was pretty straight forward.  The lighting was good, but any time you race in the dark, your perception is thrown off a bit.  I got in a shorter warm-up than usual.  My objective for this stage was to save as much energy as possible for the upcoming stages.  Not much to say about my race.  I went slow in the corners, and tried to go hard, but not too hard on the rest of the course.  I finished with a time of 3minutes 9seconds, which put me in 14th place.  Judith won the time trial with a time of 2minutes 55seconds.  Megan Guarnier (USA) was second with a time of 3minutes.  The late start made for a late night, but at least we got pizza for dinner!


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